Billions to go to Costco: Amazon’s new ads will get you to spend

Billions to go to Costco: Amazon’s new ads will get you to spend

Costco shoppers can spend big at Walmart, and it’s getting a lot bigger.

Costco’s new advertising campaign will start airing at Walmart stores this week.

And it’s a big deal.

Costos ads have become a staple in the company’s advertising, even before the new ads hit.

Costco sells a lot of products and has a long history of ad campaigns that feature people wearing Walmart shirts, and the company is targeting its new ads with a big target: Walmart shoppers.

Costo has been using Costco shirts in ads for years.

The company’s ads for products such as diapers, cleaning supplies and grocery products are already widely seen in stores across the country.

But now Walmart is joining Costco in a new way.

Its new ads are set to run at Walmart’s stores, and they’re aimed at Walmart shoppers, with a goal to help Costco customers find new ways to save money.

Walmart has also started running ads at Costco stores.

For example, Walmart is airing a commercial that features a Walmart customer who’s trying to get his Costco membership, while Walmart is also airing a video that shows a Costco employee talking about how Costco shoppers should shop around and save money at Walmart.

It’s a way for Walmart to make its ads more appealing to consumers, said Craig Johnson, director of corporate communications for Walmart.

The new ads, which Walmart says are part of a larger campaign, will run for four weeks.

That’s the time frame when Costco will be able to use its stores to sell Costco products, Johnson said.

Costcos spokesman Joe Schoffel said that it will be possible for shoppers to get an ad-free Costco experience at Walmart if they have an account at the retailer.

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you’ll also be able get an Amazon ad-Free Costco experience.

If you want to save more money, however, you can buy an ad on Amazon if you have a Walmart Prime membership.

It will run on a Walmart branded website and be delivered to your Amazon Prime Account, Schoffen said.

Walmart also says it will launch ads on its website at Costco locations throughout the U.S. and Canada beginning Friday.

The ads will run in a variety of categories, including apparel, electronics, toys and home improvement.

The campaign will run through the end of the month, and you can see it on Walmart’s website.