How to Get a Free iPad Air 2 in Canada, New Zealand, and the US: Best Buy

How to Get a Free iPad Air 2 in Canada, New Zealand, and the US: Best Buy

Buyers in Canada and New Zealand can get a free iPad Air2 in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway’s capital city, Reykjavik, Iceland, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and London in a single day.

The promotion is available for anyone who’s already signed up for a $10 rebate on their next iPad purchase, and it lasts until May 31st.

(The $10 is for a single iPad, and for each additional iPad purchased after that, you’ll get a separate $10 discount.)

Apple’s deal is the second promotion the company has rolled out in a day.

Last week, Apple rolled out a new deal that allowed customers to get a new iPad for free, a free copy of the iPhone 6s, and free shipping for any iPhone 6 Plus order over $1,000.

It was also the second time Apple has offered a discount on Apple products to customers who’ve signed up to receive the new iPad.

Apple has also recently introduced its iWatch and iWatch Sport, which will offer a free $99 Apple Watch.

The new deal is available on Apple’s website, as well as at Apple’s retail stores.

For those who want to avoid paying a monthly fee to use Apple services, the company will still be providing its iWork suite for free through the end of May.

(iWork for Mac will remain free.)

Apple also offers discounts on its other products, as long as they’re also eligible for a rebate.

(In addition to the iPad, Apple offers the iPhone, Mac, and iPad Mini for $99 off.)

The company offers a 10 percent discount on all its Apple Watches, with Apple Pay and Apple Music as additional discounts.

Apple also has a “free” Apple Watch app that’s designed to be used with Apple Watch software, but Apple’s developer tools are only available through the Apple Watch itself.

Apple’s Watch app, for example, only allows users to access Apple’s iWatch apps, which makes it easier for Apple Watch owners to keep track of everything they’ve purchased and what they’re doing with their devices.

Apple’s free Apple Watch App also lets you track the time you spend with your Watch and get a reminder of when you’re about to get home.

It’s a handy way to keep tabs on your spending habits, and Apple has made it easy to add more Apple Watch apps to the Watch app.