Westway is using its $1.5-billion capital to improve customer service

Westway is using its $1.5-billion capital to improve customer service

Westway, a bank, has been investing $1 billion in a new technology called Presto that allows customers to book a trip using a smartphone and pay in advance.

It has also launched a new mobile app that will give customers a personal travel agent.

The bank says Presto is the latest step in its “global effort to build on our existing customer service and loyalty programs.”

The bank has also started offering a new loyalty card program called Prestos Plus, which will give Presto customers a discount on future purchases.

“Our goal is to deliver on our customer service philosophy, which is about helping people make the most of their time and money,” Westway CEO John Rafferty said in a statement.

“We are making sure we deliver on that philosophy through this expansion in our customer care and marketing efforts.”

Westway’s Presto card is $20 a month and it will be available for purchase at its offices and online.

The company also launched Presto for travel, which allows customers with Presto accounts to book and pay for travel with a smartphone.

The card will also be available in Canada and Mexico.