Why this year’s #MardiGras parade could be a ‘game changer’ for the Black Lives Matter movement

Why this year’s #MardiGras parade could be a ‘game changer’ for the Black Lives Matter movement

This year, the Black Saturday and the MardiGrases of the Black Sunday are both scheduled to take place across the country.

Black Lives Matter organizers have been pushing for marches and protests to be held on the first two weekends of the holiday, but with protests taking place on the third, it’s clear they won’t be able to get the Black Monday to happen without a major push from organizers and activists across the city.

In the past, Black Lives Movement organizers have made headlines for being arrested for disrupting a Black Friday Black Friday event.

But this year, with protests already taking place in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other major cities, organizers say the Black Friday events will be an important test of the movement’s power and whether or not they can mobilize and take the movement to the streets.

“If we can be the biggest, we can definitely make a difference,” said Mara Revilla, the co-founder of Black Lives Matters.

The Black Lives March is scheduled to start on Sunday at the Black Museum of African American History and Culture, where organizers hope to draw tens of thousands of people to the park.

It’s not clear how many people will show up.

If the march is going to be successful, organizers are hoping to raise $10 million to pay for a series of events over the next several weeks, including a public library fundraiser at the museum.

The city is also holding a series the week of Black Friday, where they’re planning a number of community-oriented events to highlight the ongoing violence in the city and the challenges Black people face.

And in addition to Black Lives Week, organizers want to bring the Black Panther Party back to the city to show its support for the protests.

Organizers have already begun reaching out to the Black Panthers to get their support for protests, with some saying the organization has been a huge part of the anti-police protests in the past.

One of the organizers of the BLM Black Friday protest in Washington, D.C., said the Black people have been supportive and willing to be vocal about the issue of police brutality, while the Black Nationalist Party, a white nationalist organization, has also expressed support.

We are going to try to have some fun and make some noise, said Tanishia Thompson, the founder of Black Youth Project 100, a Black-led organization that helped organize the Black Mardi Gras protests.

People are just like us.

We just want to make sure that this Black Lives Day is a celebration of the black community and our freedom and our dignity, said Thompson, who is also a co-organizer of the March for Our Lives.

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