‘La Fitness’ promo for fitness videos is on track to reach 5 million subscribers

‘La Fitness’ promo for fitness videos is on track to reach 5 million subscribers

A new fitness promotion is on the way for people to subscribe to the La Fitness podcast.

It’s called ‘La Fit’, and is coming to mobile platforms like iOS and Android and has been available to subscribers for the past month.

La Fit is a podcast which features episodes in which people talk about their lives, including fitness, and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Its an interesting way to try out a podcast. 

“We thought this would be a fun way for the public to hear the podcasts from the best fitness experts in the world,” said La Fitness founder Mark McQueen.

“It’s got some of the best podcasts around, and it’s the best of all worlds.”

I think people love that we’re all just doing it together, we’re doing it for each other, and that we are all learning together.

“In recent weeks, La Fitness has been able to generate over 5 million downloads, and a video of the launch has now been viewed more than 1 million times.”

It was so much fun.

We’ve got so many amazing people who’ve subscribed, so much interest from listeners,” McQueen said.”

The videos have been great, the conversations are so entertaining.

“We just love hearing from our listeners, and we know that this will be a great platform for people with all sorts of fitness goals and goals.”

La Fitness is one of the few fitness podcasts that is actually about being fit.

“The La Fitness app is free, and offers listeners the option to listen to their favourite podcasts in the podcast section.

The show also has a variety of different categories including weight training, dieting, bodyweight training, running, and yoga.

For more information on the new podcast, check out or follow @LaFit on Twitter.

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Listeners can choose between a weekly podcast or a monthly one.

While listeners can subscribe to both podcasts, they have to subscribe for each podcast in turn, and the subscription option is limited to just one month.

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