What you need to know about the iPhone X launch promotion, sales promotion and more

What you need to know about the iPhone X launch promotion, sales promotion and more

The iPhone X was launched on September 6, 2018, with a limited edition set of 5K gold-plated silver iPhone 7 models.

It was a huge deal for Apple, and in the following weeks sales for the iPhone started ramping up.

The company had sold 5 million iPhones by the end of the year, and the iPhone has since been selling very well.

However, it has now been reported that the iPhone 9s Plus has sold even more than the iPhone 7s Plus.

A new report by The Next Web has been claiming that Apple is selling 10 million iPhones a day in the US, and that’s before the iPhone is even available in stores.

According to the report, the iPhone 8s and 8s Plus have sold 8.2 million iPhones, and there’s no doubt that the upcoming iPhone X will have a bigger impact than the previous iPhone X. While we don’t have exact numbers for this claim, it’s hard to argue that Apple will sell more iPhones than the 5 million or 6 million iPhones that the company currently sells in the USA.

It’s still unclear if the 10 million iPhone sales number comes from Apple’s own sales team or the company itself.

The report also suggests that the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus are being sold at significantly higher prices than the 10-year-old iPhones, so it’s unlikely that Apple has been overcharging customers.

Apple also launched an iPhone X event earlier this year, with the release of a special white iPhone X case that was reportedly worth a whopping $1,000.

The new iPhone will be available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India at the end a month from now, and we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on the report and will update this article if we hear back.

Source: The Next News