What’s next for Dish Network?

What’s next for Dish Network?

Dish Network will open its new location in Las Vegas, NV, in late March, the company said Tuesday.

The company will also begin offering a free internet-connected tablet that will let customers download video content on the go.

The Las Vegas location will be the latest Dish location to debut a smartphone-based app that is the first in the network’s line of mobile apps, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Dish is also expected to debut its own cable TV service in March.

The company also announced plans to buy the video streaming service VOD and launch a subscription-based service in June.

The move is expected to help it to compete against other companies in the video-on-demand space, the Journal said.

Dish has a growing number of new video-streaming competitors, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO.

The move comes as Dish continues to focus on video.

The network announced that it is adding more than 200,000 TV and film programming to its streaming service, and it is also working on a new product to compete with Hulu and other premium cable and satellite providers.