What’s wrong with ‘The Apprentice’? Is it a scam?

What’s wrong with ‘The Apprentice’? Is it a scam?

The Apprentice, one of the most popular reality TV shows of the year, is now in the hands of a third party that is not owned by the show’s creator, and the deal may have a lot of people wondering about its validity.

The Daily Show has taken to the airwaves to voice their displeasure with the show.

The show has come under fire for its depiction of black people, with critics calling the show “racist” and its producers calling the portrayal of blacks “misguided” and “racist.”

The backlash against The Apprentice began in March after a video surfaced of comedian Kathy Griffin’s bloody face being displayed on a T-shirt while posing with a bloodied Donald Trump.

Griffin, who had been in a public feud with Trump after she said the Republican presidential candidate had made derogatory comments about her, has since apologized for her actions.

In response to the backlash, The Apprentice announced that it would be ending the season on June 30.

It did not specify what changes the show would make to its format.

The new deal is the latest example of how the reality television genre has evolved.

In addition to being hosted by a reality television star, The Walking Dead is also broadcast on NBC.

The series, which is currently airing its sixth season, is also the subject of a lawsuit from former contestants who say the show is racist.

The legal action, filed by the NAACP, seeks $25 million in damages for all involved.

The producers of The Walking Out were also sued for discrimination after the series featured several black characters.

The lawsuit also alleges that the series made references to slavery, Jim Crow laws and anti-black sentiment.

In a statement to the New York Times, The Woes said it was “extremely disappointed that the show has reached this point.”

“The show and its creators have been upfront with us in the past about our commitment to diversity and inclusion and have always supported us when we have been at odds with the mainstream media,” the statement said.

“The series will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of many people throughout our communities.”

The producers were not immediately available for comment.