How to get your phone number and your profile image added to Disney’s Facebook page in Spain

How to get your phone number and your profile image added to Disney’s Facebook page in Spain

Facebook and Twitter are set to begin a joint marketing campaign to encourage Spanish-speaking families to visit Disney’s resorts.

The new campaign will launch on October 11 with the launch of a campaign that uses Facebook and Instagram.

This is the first time Facebook and social media have worked together.

The campaign, called Disney Plus, is aimed at families who have purchased a Disney Resort Package in Spain.

Disney Plus is a free membership with a variety of benefits including a Disney Plus member account, access to Disney+ branded events, and a Disney+ account that gives access to more Disney Plus content and offers a discount on Disney Plus memberships.

Disney+ members also get access to special Disney Plus events, such as the “Disney Springs” theme park attraction, which features themed parties and rides for children and adults.

“We’re launching Disney Plus in Spain to help families stay connected and make their Disney World vacation experience better,” said Jennifer Schmeling, senior director of marketing for Facebook, in a blog post.

“This partnership with Disney will help families experience Disney Resort and Disney World better and help them connect with the people and experiences that make their vacation experience so special.”

The campaign will be available to Spanish-language households through Facebook and on Instagram.

For Spanish-speakers who already own Facebook accounts, Disney Plus will allow them to use the hashtag #DisneyPlus.

The hashtag #discoverdontmissme and #dontstartyoullneed to be used on Instagram posts to encourage people to visit the resorts.

Facebook is partnering with Instagram to make the hashtag available in Spanish, allowing people to use it to promote Disney Plus membership.

Disney’s Twitter account is also participating in the campaign, and the hashtags #discoversdiscoven, #dovesdiscoverna, #Disney+plus and #DiscovenPlus are available for Spanish-spanish households.

The Disney Plus hashtag is currently only available in the United States.

Disney and Instagram are working together to help Spanish- speaking families make their visit to DisneyWorld better, said Schmeling.

The #Disneyplus hashtag is a great way to share photos and videos of a Disney resort experience, and is also a great hashtag for families who don’t speak Spanish.

Disney said in its blog post that “our goal with the Disney Plus program is to provide families with the tools to make their trips to Disneyworld as enjoyable and memorable as possible.”

Disney also said it is offering Spanish- and Portuguese-language versions of the Disney+ Plus app for free, but the company plans to charge a subscription fee for the Spanish-based app.

For more information on the #Disney Plus hashtag, visit

Disney, Instagram and Twitter’s partnership with Facebook and the hashtag is aimed toward families who want to make a vacation at DisneyWorld a more enjoyable and fun experience.