Wendy’s promotes Wendy’s promotions with new ‘Wendy The Baker’ campaign

Wendy’s promotes Wendy’s promotions with new ‘Wendy The Baker’ campaign

Wendy’s has teamed up with a slew of celebrities to promote the chain’s new “Wendys Baker” campaign, which features the likes of Ashton Kutcher, John Stamos, J.K. Simmons, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

The promotion, which launched today and runs through Dec. 9, features images of the Wendy’s “Wendi’s Baker” doll with her hair up and the hashtag #wendysbaker, which translates to “The Baker Who Knows Everything,” as well as Wendy’s signature slogan: “Don’t worry, I’m your best friend.”

In addition to the famous celebrities participating in the campaign, the Wendy and Wendy’s parent company, Wendy’s Corporation, has teamed with actor Ashton Kutch, who has a cameo in the ad, to promote “Wends Baker” merchandise, including a limited edition bag and a pair of her signature sneakers.

The Wendy’s Baker doll is a signature doll in the Wendy Baker doll line that was created in 1994.

Wendy’s announced the new campaign in November.

In the campaign ad, Kutcher talks about his experience working with Wendy’s, and how the chain helps people make better decisions.

“I’ve been to a lot of Wendy’s stores and they are the best thing that ever happened to me,” he says.

“Wending is not just about the burgers and fries, it’s about the love.

They are the reason I was doing what I was able to do.

I would say I’ve had my share of Wendy and they have been a part of my life forever.”

The Wendy Baker campaign will run through Dec and will include a new “Baker” character, who will be available for purchase in stores throughout the year.

Wendy has not revealed any other details about the Baker character or his availability at stores.

According to a Wendy’s spokesperson, the new Wendy’s promotion will not only give fans a taste of the brand, but also offer a fresh and fun way to celebrate the holidays.

“Wendies Baker is the ultimate Christmas gift for all the people who love them,” said Wendy’s Brand Director Jennifer Wooten.

“This special Wendy’s brand is sure to get the family, friends and coworkers talking about the good times and the good memories they have made with this amazing and wonderful brand.”

In a statement, Kutch said, “I’m thrilled to be featured in a brand-new ad campaign by Wendy’s.

I hope that this unique brand’s message of love and giving will be a part as we all celebrate Christmas.”