What you need to know about the Apple Music promotion

What you need to know about the Apple Music promotion

Apple Music has finally launched its first ad, but the promotion’s creators are yet to confirm whether it will be a commercial or a promotion.

According to reports in Italy, the Apple TV ad will show the Apple logo, and an Apple music player.

Apple Music will launch with a 50 cent discount on any new songs purchased on the platform.

The promotion is set to begin on September 8, and it is expected to launch in Italy and other European markets within two weeks.

In Italy, Apple Music users in Rome can expect the first 30 seconds of the ad to play, which will contain the Apple brand, Apple logo and an image of a white shirt.

The ad will continue to play for 30 seconds before disappearing.

The ads are a direct response to the Apple Watch launch, which saw the company announcing it was offering a 40 cent discount for all Apple Watch sales, a promotional that generated a flurry of tweets and Facebook posts from Apple Music’s creators.

The first commercial for Apple Music debuted earlier this month, and will run until September 12.

Apple is not currently offering a free trial to users, and Apple Music is a subscription service, which means that the first few weeks of the service’s launch will be free for all users.

Apple Music currently has 10 million subscribers, but Apple is expected later this year to introduce an unlimited plan, which could include a music subscription for a flat fee of $9.99 per month.