What’s up with the Amazon promotions?

What’s up with the Amazon promotions?

It’s not the first time the retail giant has been caught up in a legal battle over its controversial social media strategy.

The video game giant has also been battling allegations that it is being forced to hand over user data to authorities and that it has been failing to properly safeguard the personal information of millions of users.

It has already been fined over 1 billion pounds ($1.05 billion) in the past year for violating the Data Protection Act and is expected to face another fine this month for failing to provide data on its use of the social media platform.

In a blog post, Amazon said that its compliance department was investigating complaints about its social media presence, and that the company would “take all necessary actions to ensure that our social media accounts comply with applicable law”.

However, the company has also come under fire for its alleged failure to properly protect user data, as well as for the misuse of data for commercial purposes.

As part of the review, Amazon has said it will launch a new investigation into whether the company breached the Data Privacy Act or its own Terms of Service, and has promised to “review and take corrective action”.