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The official podcast for the 2018 NFL season is now available for download.The new podcast is the first of three podcasts to arrive in 2019, and it includes a host of former NFL players and other guests.Here’s what you need to know.1.This is the NFL Podcast for 2019.What’s the deal?It’s a new, premium-priced version of the podcast that focuses on […]

Pizza Hut promotion to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day (updated)

On the eve of Israel’s independence from Britain in 1948, Pizza Hut posted a promotion to its loyal followers to celebrate the occasion, the Jerusalem Post reported.The promotion, which ran on the company’s Instagram account, featured a cartoon image of a white-haired, blue-eyed Israeli man dressed in a shirt and tie standing on the banks of the Red Sea, waving […]

Recode: How to build a business from scratch in Spain, with the help of an entrepreneur with no formal training

This is the story of how a Spanish entrepreneur who was already building a business by selling food from a truck in his hometown ended up launching his own business in the country, and how he became a pioneer in the space.Read next: How a former Microsoft employee made $1.6 million in less than a year and now sells her […]