5 ways to save money on the latest Apple gadgets

5 ways to save money on the latest Apple gadgets

The Apple Watch is one of the company’s most popular products, and it has become the most popular Apple product ever sold in the United States.

The Apple TV is another favorite of many, as it offers the latest technology for streaming and on-demand content.

The company has been making money from those products for years.

Apple’s latest move comes as the company prepares to release the Apple Watch Series 2, the second generation of the device that has sold more than half a billion units.

The new Series 2 comes with a much more refined design, a new wireless charging system, and a redesigned app store.

The Series 2 includes the Apple TV, an upgraded version of the Apple Music app, and some other new features.

It also comes with some new features for the Apple Pay mobile payment system, which will allow consumers to pay for purchases using their iPhone or iPad.

The service will be available from the Apple App Store starting April 14.

Apple is expected to unveil the Apple WATCH Series 2 at a special event later this month, with the company hoping to sell as many as 200,000 units.

Apple declined to disclose the number of Series 2 units that it will release.

The Watch Series 1 sold nearly 100,000 in its first week, and the Series 2 is expected, too.