Donuts promotion is moving forward, promoter says

Donuts promotion is moving forward, promoter says

Donuts, the popular bakery chain based in New York City, announced on Wednesday that it is moving ahead with a promotion in which it will offer free donuts and other treats to customers in the United States.

The company has said it expects the promotion to launch in March, though a company spokeswoman said Wednesday that timing was not yet final.

The promotion will be called the Dunkin Donuts Promotions, and it will run through March.

Donuts is also considering expanding the program in other markets, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The announcement was made by Donuts chief marketing officer Mark Felsenthal, who spoke at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

Dunkin said it would offer free food to customers who make an order of the doughnuts in partnership with Dunkin.

The program will initially be offered in the U.S. through Dunkin’s online store and the Dunkins store in New Jersey.

It will be expanded to other countries when Dunkin expands its distribution network.

Dunkins chief financial officer Tim Kranz told the company board Wednesday that Dunkin had signed a deal with Burger King to offer free doughnuts to customers on its franchisees.

Burger King has not yet announced its plans for the promotion.

Donut’s CEO Jeff Stitt said in an interview with CNBC earlier this month that the company was considering expanding Dunkin donut promotions to other markets.

“We’ve been in discussions with Burger Kings about that,” he said.