Here’s the best free movie deals from DirectV right now

Here’s the best free movie deals from DirectV right now

DirectV is now the top streaming video provider for movies and TV shows on DIRECTV.

Here are some of the best deals right now.1.

$2.99 for the movie “Taken 2” from “The Big Short”2.

$7.99 on the movie, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”3.

$9.99 to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” on HBO4.

$11.99 “The Avengers” on Disney5.

$15.99 watch “Captain America: Civil War” on Cinemax6.

$19.99 see the movie on Amazon7.

$24.99 the movie trailer for “Jurassic World”8.

$29.99 find out more about the movie from The Hollywood Reporter9.

$36.99 get a FREE trial subscription to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”10.

$46.99 buy the movie theater ticket for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” on AMC11.

$53.99 read more about The Hunger Games franchise on AMC12.

$65.99 order the movie for free with a credit card13.

$82.99 add free shipping to your order for $1 on select movies and television shows14.

$100.00 add free service for the first month to select movies on DIRECTv15.

$129.99 start watching the movie in a theater with a free 30-day trial.16.

$189.99 receive a FREE digital download of “The LEGO Movie” for FREE on the first day of every month17.

add the movie to your cart and get $10 off your next order18.

get free service with your first two purchases from any DIRECTV store19.

get a free movie ticket for your first movie from any movie theater20.

watch the movie online for free for a limited time at select theaters.21.

watch any movie on DIRECTTV for a free trial.22.

watch your movie on the DIRECTV NOW App23.

add a free download of the movie title to your account.24.

watch “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on DIRECTU25.

watch movies for free at select theater chains.26.

watch a movie online with a digital subscription.27.

order a movie on a movie theater.28.

order “The Walking Dead: Season 5” on DVD for a $9 monthly fee.29.

order any movie for $6.99, and watch the title for FREE in a movie house30.

order movies on the new DIRECTV app.31.

order the “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” soundtrack for FREE with a $30 purchase.32.

order an HD movie for a FREE subscription.33.

add your name to the DIRECTVEX mailing list for free service and access to all DIRECTV apps.34.

add an HD streaming movie to the movie collection of your choice, and get an exclusive, free download with your subscription.35.

add movies to your library for free.36.

order DIRECTV Premium packages for $15, and you can watch a film in HD for free!37.

order free DIRECTV streaming movies with a movie rental code and get the title of the film in a box with your purchase.38.

order tickets to a movie premiere and get free tickets.39.

order movie tickets for a screening and get a movie ticket with your movie ticket.40.

watch an exclusive movie at a premiere with a FREE movie ticket, and order a ticket for a movie screening.41.

watch DIRECTV Movies at select movie theaters, including select theaters near you.42.

order and watch movies from DIRECTV’s exclusive movie theater subscription service, and receive a discount on select movie tickets.43.

order online movies and stream movies on your device from DIRECTv, and have them automatically delivered to your device.44.

order unlimited movies and watch them online.45.

add entertainment options for a discounted price, including: movies, music, sports, and more.46.

get an entertainment subscription, and pay only for movies you already own.47.

get unlimited movie viewing, music listening, and video streaming.48.

watch movie clips, and enjoy movies for as long as you like.49.

watch online movies from anywhere in the world.50.

watch on DIRECTVR-enabled devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Google Chromecast+, PlayStation Vue, and Roku TV.51.

watch streaming movies on any device for as much as you want.52.

watch films and television on your smartphone, tablet, and connected TV devices.53.

order all movies and tv shows you want to watch on any app, such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Amazon Video Player, Apple’s YouTube, Vudu, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Hulu Plus TV.54.

order streaming movies and shows to your home theater system for free, and