Pizza Hut promotion to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day (updated)

On the eve of Israel’s independence from Britain in 1948, Pizza Hut posted a promotion to its loyal followers to celebrate the occasion, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The promotion, which ran on the company’s Instagram account, featured a cartoon image of a white-haired, blue-eyed Israeli man dressed in a shirt and tie standing on the banks of the Red Sea, waving a white flag with the slogan “Israel’s Independence day, a day for the land.”

The image was later removed, but the promotion remains on Pizza Hut’s website.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson told the Jerusalem Report the promotion was an internal promotion and was not related to the company or its products.

In a statement, Pizza Hill, a division of the pizza chain, said it would remove the promotion after being contacted by The Jerusalem Report.

“While we would like to continue celebrating Israel’s freedom and independence, we can no longer support this promotion,” the statement said.

“We understand that many of our fans may not be aware of the history and importance of this day, but our intent is to honor Israel’s people, culture and history and not to promote the status quo.”

In 2014, a number of Pizza Hut stores in Israel were vandalized, including in the West Bank city of Hebron.

In an effort to make sure that customers’ experience with the chain was positive, Pizza Huts in the occupied West Bank, which has been under Israeli military control since 2007, implemented a policy of using non-branded products and limited services.

In 2014 it began using nonbranded products such as Pizza Hut, pizza rolls, salads and cookies.

The company also changed its marketing campaign to highlight Israel’s status as an independent country.

Pizza Hut in Israel in 2013.