Verizon Fios promo is getting a few tweaks

Verizon Fios promo is getting a few tweaks

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the changes Verizon is bringing to its Fios app for its latest promotion: Updated to include the availability of the Verizon Fio app in the US and Canada.

Added a ‘New’ option to the ‘More’ section of the ‘Manage Your Promotions’ section.

Updated the Promo section of Verizon Fius to include a new ‘More Promo’ section to show you which promotion has been added to the app.

Fixed an issue where the ‘Promo’ category was showing up as ‘Unavailable’ when viewing a promotion.

Improved the search functionality on the ‘All Categories’ section for the Fios apps app.

To get more details about the improvements, head over to the Verizon site.