Verizon’s new deal with Netflix will pay you $8.99 per month

Verizon’s new deal with Netflix will pay you $8.99 per month

Posted September 10, 2018 12:00:48At&t Wireless offers the following deals:At&t Wireless gets $8 a month for Netflix, up to $9.99 for HBO Now, $15.99 a month on Spotify, $12.99 on Hulu Plus and $17.99 as part of a Netflix Unlimited subscription.

For HBO Now you’ll get access to $15 a month, for Hulu Plus $18 a month and $25 a month a monthly subscription to HBO Go.


T gets $15 and $20 a month as part a Netflix unlimited subscription, for HBO Go, $17 a month.

The only other Netflix offer that AT&t offers is $19 a month or $25 per month a Netflix Prime subscription.

For Netflix, AT&T gets an extra $7.99 off its standard $9 per month Netflix package.

AT &T also gets a $1.99 value off Netflix Unlimited, up from $1 to $2.99, and you get $1 off every other monthly payment, including Amazon Prime.

Netflix gets $9 off every Netflix subscription, which includes the full Netflix service for $14.99.

AT’s Netflix Unlimited is $14 a month with a $5.99 credit.

For Hulu Plus, AT gets $1 for every Hulu Plus Netflix subscription you make, with the value going to help offset the cost of Hulu Plus for the next four months.

AT gets the value of the value added to your monthly subscription at the time of purchase, minus $1, up $3 from the $3 you pay for the service.

AT also gets $7 off Hulu Plus on a monthly basis.

For Spotify, AT gives you a free 30-day trial for Spotify Premium.

AT offers a $9 value at no extra charge for Spotify Prime, a $7 value at a discount for Spotify Classic and a $10 value at the same price for Spotify Unlimited.

For Spotify Unlimited, AT offers $10 off Spotify, plus a $15 value at $7 a month if you sign up after September 12, 2018.

AT Plus offers $15 off Spotify if you purchase Spotify Prime and Spotify Classic on a single subscription.

AT is offering $9 a month to Spotify Unlimited for $15 for 30 days after September 30.

For the first $7, you get Spotify for free.

For $10 you get a Spotify Premium subscription.

If you cancel your Spotify Premium on September 30, you can cancel it again at any time, but if you cancel after September 10 you’ll have to pay the full price for the trial.

For HBO Go AT<t gets $12 a month off HBO GO for $7 to $19.99 each month, with a 30- day free trial.

For Netflix, you’ll pay $15 to get HBO GO and you’ll only get a 30 day free Trial subscription for $13.99 if you buy a Netflix Premier membership.

AT has no offers for Netflix Unlimited.AT&amp.;T gets a new deal for $19 to $29 a month that will get you a $14 value, plus the value you’d get from the Netflix Prime deal.

AT gives a $2 value to the Netflix Unlimited $9 discount.AT gets $10 a month from Netflix Unlimited for free for anyone who has a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription.

It will also give you access to Netflix and Hulu Plus from the same time you sign in to your account.

AT will also send you a Netflix discount coupon for $5 to $10 for the first 30 days you have a Netflix Premium or Hulu Premium subscription, whichever comes first.AT’s Netflix service has never been free.

AT charges $10 to $20 to access Netflix in addition to the standard $10 and $15 Netflix price tags.

AT, however, says its $10 Netflix deal will be effective from September 11 through the end of the month.

AT may also offer the Netflix unlimited package for $12, $16 and $21 a month after September 25.

AT still charges $30 for Netflix and $40 for Hulu, but AT says that Hulu Plus is $20 off.

AT does not offer the $10 Hulu Plus deal.AT also has Netflix Unlimited which gives you $10 per month for unlimited streaming of HBO GO, $13 for HBO GO Premium, and $30 a month (which includes HBO Go Premium plus Netflix Unlimited) for HBO, HBO Now and Showtime.

AT Unlimited will cost $24 a month once you sign-up.

AT says it will give you $5 off a Netflix Plus membership and a Netflix Free trial for $25.

AT doesn’t have a pricing plan for Netflix.

AT can also give away $10 gift cards to subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis.

AT recently cut its Netflix streaming prices to $14 for Netflix