What I Learned in a 3-Day Break from Trump and Putin

The President of the United States is a total clown.I mean, he’s not even a real clown.He’s just a real jerk.And it’s really easy to understand why.He just does things in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.And this is what’s happening in the West right now.And what’s going on in the United Kingdom right now, you know, it’s like […]

How a fast-food chain is changing the face of the fast-casual restaurant business

By Mark Weisbrot-USA TODAY StaffA fast-sophisticated food service is reshaping the fast food industry and the fast meal is the latest casualty.With its sleek, high-tech menu, a highly personalized menu and an emphasis on customer service, Burger King is poised to overtake Burger King and McDonald’s as the second-largest fast- food company in the U.S.The fast-beef burger is a product […]

Hulu says it will start selling its own shows and movies on digital platforms in 2019

By the end of 2019, Hulu will offer its own digital offerings.In a new blog post, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said the new service will become available to consumers in 2018 and that it will offer an original offering, like the original Hulu original series.The service will also become available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and […]

Best bank promotions to watch

Best bank offers to buy and sell in 2018 article Best banks are offering promotions in 2018 to promote their latest products.Here are some of the best.Best bank promotion 2018Best bank promotions 2018Best banking deal 2018Best credit card deals 2018Best phone deals 2018