Apple to sell $3 billion worth of iPhones to US consumer bank

Apple to sell $3 billion worth of iPhones to US consumer bank

Apple is expected to announce an agreement to sell the remaining $3.5 billion in stock of the company’s popular iPhone brand to a bank, a company official said.

Apple, which is now the world’s largest smartphone maker, will sell the stock, which includes iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and SE models, to American Bank, a new entity formed by Apple’s parent company, Amgen.

Apple will pay Amgen an upfront cash consideration of $3,500 per share and a cash-settlement payment of $5,500.

Amgen will pay Apple the remainder of the cash after the deal is completed.

The $3B iPhone deal would represent a major milestone for the company, which has struggled to get into the mobile phone business in recent years.

It would represent Apple’s biggest acquisition ever, and one that has helped the company generate billions in annual revenue.

The company has struggled for years to find a market for its premium iPhone lineup, which include the iPhone 6S, 6s Plus, and 6S Plus.

Apple’s stock has plummeted since the introduction of the iPhones.

Apple’s stock dropped nearly 12% on Tuesday, trading at $38.89 in early afternoon trading.

Apple shares closed Wednesday at $40.49.