Which bank got the promotion for promoting bank promotions?

Congratulations, Bank of America!

The bank promoted its new website to more than 10 million users on Monday, becoming the latest bank to jump on the bank promotion bandwagon.

Bank of Ameritrade, a rival to Bank of New York Mellon, promoted its site to more the 7 million people who signed up for its new promotional campaign.

“We are excited to welcome Bank of American to our network of online banking,” said Bank of Americas CEO Scott Smith in a statement.

“They’ve been a consistent innovator in our financial services and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we continue to drive positive change for the bank.”

Bank of the West and Wells Fargo both promoted their websites to nearly 1 million people, respectively.

“Our goal is to build a digital infrastructure that serves our customers, partners and communities better,” Smith said in a release.

“In a digital world, our goal is that our customers’ and partners’ data and interactions stay secure.

That’s why we built the technology behind our new customer relationship management (CRM) system.”

Bank One also promoted its website to nearly 7 million customers, and it said it had over 1 million signups for its newly launched website.

“The new Bank One website has made us even more proud to be a part of the Bank of One family of brands,” said CEO David Stapleton in a press release.