The ‘perfect’ hand sanitiser

Hand sanitizers are good for the skin, but can they really do what you need them to?The answer is a resounding no.They can help your skin to look more healthy and supple, but they can also cause serious side effects.That’s because they contain a wide range of ingredients, which can interact with one another, leaving behind a complex cocktail of […]

How to make apple promotions from the ground up

Apple is now making Apple-branded products available for sale in India, the country’s first country to be officially licensed to produce them.The news comes as Apple continues to focus on selling products directly to consumers in the country.India’s government has made it clear that it will only allow products to be made in India that are “produced on the basis […]

How to use the Beacons in your local news

You can get a great deal on a mobile device with a local newspaper, as well as a number of other local and national titles, if you sign up for an email newsletter.To do this, follow these simple steps.First, you’ll need to sign up to receive emails and notifications from the Beacon.Simply add the email address and password to your […]