Merch By Amazon Update:More Fails! June/July 2018 Income Report!

merch by amazon income report
August 1, 2018

Hi all, Well, I’m sorry to say, I completely slipped out of the loop again.  Things didn’t quite go as I’d intended in my previous Merch update. Nevertheless, someone commented on the previous post asking about June and I thought I had better update you with another Merch by Amazon income report. I did go crazy designing and uploading in June, as I’d planned.  I actually managed to go from…


Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL!

epic merch by amazon fail
June 4, 2018

  Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL! I literally cannot believe my last post was in October 2017!   What on earth happened!?  Here we now are in JUNE 2018! Well, I will share with you my results since I last wrote.  But first, I will explain what happened and why I haven’t written in so long. I was doing really well.  I managed to reach my first big milestone,…