Merch By Amazon Research – Some Search Results Insights!

merch by amazon research
October 7, 2017

Merch By Amazon Research – Don’t Always Believe What You Read! There is a particular strategy often talked about with Merch, that seems to make reasonable sense. That is, when you’re searching for a particular keyword, you plug it into Amazon and see how many search results come up. If there are thousands of thousands, you may then go for a longer tail keyword.  Tweak it and a smaller amount…


Merch By Amazon Income Report Month Three!

merch by amazon income report three
October 3, 2017

Merch By Amazon Income Report Month THREE!!!  (Sales from September 2017). I haven’t done much at all this month with Merch. I got my 25 designs up and aside from switching the prices around more times than is probably healthy, checking my Merch account like a maniac hoping for sales and switching over a few designs here and there —-> I’ve just been hoping to get those 25 sales and…