First Week On Merch By Amazon – Growing Pains!

first week on merch by amazon
July 6, 2017

Well, it’s been by first week on Merch By Amazon… It’s actually been fairly frustrating so far.  Mainly because, I kept switching designs over… really delving into keyword research and then switching over more designs. The end result being, that tonnes of shirts that spent most of the week with various shirts processing, or being reviewed.   I still only have 9 live right now, because I just switched another…


Merch By Amazon: First 10 Tshirts Live!

merch by amazon 10 shirts live
June 29, 2017

Merch By Amazon: First 10 Tshirts Live! So, I now have my first 10 tshirts up and approved by Amazon, they are now…..apparently live. Now, I have to admit – I wanted to take action immediately with my designs and just get on to Amazon, because so often with ideas, I may have them and then I will have some doubt or other and it will stop me in my…