First Week On Merch By Amazon – Growing Pains!

first week on merch by amazon

Well, it’s been by first week on Merch By Amazon…

It’s actually been fairly frustrating so far.  Mainly because, I kept switching designs over… really delving into keyword research and then switching over more designs.

The end result being, that tonnes of shirts that spent most of the week with various shirts processing, or being reviewed.   I still only have 9 live right now, because I just switched another tshirt over.

On the plus side, I’ve uploaded 35 shirts in the last week…. but I’m only allowed 10 live right now, until I sell ten shirts.

At first, I was finding my feet – this next week, I hope that first sale may happen.

I know this is meant to be the hardest time, getting from the 10 tier to the 25 and then the 25 to the 100 and it was very tempting to just buy some of my own shirts.

The issue is, I’m in the UK and so, getting them over to me is a bit of a hassle.

One thing I keep hearing about is how the best designs win out in the end… but after searching for shirts on Amazon and checking the sales ranks, that doesn’t seem to always be the case at all.

There were plenty of really simple shirts and basic designs, that are doing well.

So, aside from upload my designs, what else have I done?

  • Yesterday, I posted a job on upwork for a couple of designs and the lady I hired, (who is really good from what I’ve seen) created a couple of images that I was after.  I like her style very much, so I will certainly hire her again soon.
  • I listened relentlessly to podcasts about Merch.  The two I’ve listened to  this week are – the Merch Minds podcast and Merch Entrepreneur Podcast
  • I joined a whole bunch of Facebook groups, but became particularly active on the main Merch By Amazon Facebook Group.  Reading many posts, over hours during this week.
  • I got Merch Informer set up and am enjoying some of the features – it’s not something you can just join and immediately know how to use though.  You need to watch the training videos provided in order for it to make sense.
  • Researched tonnes of niches in Merch Informer and saved them to a favourites list.

What Have I learnt this week?

Well, that – surprise surprise – this is going to take some work and some time.

I was also quite surprised listening to the first episodes of Merch Minds  when Yong only had just under 200 designs live, (and is a graphic designer) and was only making between $200-$300 per month.  Initially, I thought that was a lot of work for a couple of hundred a month.

But then I realised how quickly I was creating designs and that it wouldn’t take too long to get to that stage.  Also, it really seems to vary how much you can make.

It’s not like it’s always the designers bringing in all the cash, as some simple designs really do well too.

I guess it all depends how well you do your keyword research and whether your design has appeal.

Even though I have a knowledge of keyword research in general, it was a little learning experience working it out for Merch.

I realised my initial keywords I targeted for my first shirts were really too competitive.  I tweaked the titles, brand name and bullet points and immediately saw a difference in where I’d appear in the search for those keywords.

The issue with longer tail keywords, means that less people will be searching for the term.  But if I can find a couple of shirts doing well in the niche I’m targeting, I pay careful attention to the keywords they’re including.

Now I really just have to wait and see.  I’ve fiddled about with switching designs over so much now, that I am just going to try and stay put with these for the next couple of weeks.

It is hard though!  Because I keep creating new designs that I think might work better and it’s really tempting to switch them when that happens.

I will be so happy to get to 100 designs, so that I will really have the opportunity to get all these designs out there.

So, What Will I Do In The Meantime?

  • Learn more about Merch.
  • Look into uploading on to other platforms.
  • Listen to more podcasts.
  • Create an upload more designs, in preparation for the 25 tier and beyond!

Any Other Thoughts?

I’ve just been thinking how the experience that I’ve already had online, (such as with  SEO/keyword research/niche research and so on) has really helped me on this journey so far – but it’s still been a learning curve.

So, I do wonder how people get on coming into this if they have no experience.  Since, concepts like keyword research and niche research are so important when it comes to your visibility on Amazon… you need your tshirts to be found and then they need to be appealing enough to the customer to buy them.

I think I’ve made a good initial start on my tshirts being visible on Amazon in the search – but only time will tell if my designs are appealing enough to buy!

I’m quite excited that I’ve found someone to outsource designs to, because I have been wanting to create some more complicated designs.

That’s pretty much the update for the day – more to come soon!

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