Merch Amazon Income Report 1! June 30/July 31 2017.

income report month one merch by amazon

(Note:  I initially started writing this post in July – but didn’t complete it until now, in September!  Time to catch up with the income reports :)).

Merch Amazon Income Report 1! June 30/July 31 2017

All of my first 10 designs on Amazon became live right at the end of June 2017.   So, I thought I would do this report on July 31st in order to ensure it has been a full month.

I’m so excited to finally write this because, despite properly trying to make money online over two years ago, I’ve never actually written an income report online before, (it just goes in my journal!).

Now, I am going to include these reports every month, no even if I make zero sales, I will still write an income report.

I think it’s important to be transparent here, I know that people will be interested in this journey.

I also want to be transparent about what I’ve done to help with sales.

As I already mentioned from the start, my initial 10 shirts were really just thrown together  – mine did have images on – apart from one, that was pure text.

I had an inkling that one niche MIGHT be popular because I had sold items within it before, but I didn’t really have much evidence for that tshirt wise.

Nevertheless, I liked the shirts and I just wanted to get something up there, so I went with it and waited to see what happened.

I didn’t do any sharing on social media whatsoever, I did not do any paid traffic at all.  I wanted to see if I could make any sales whatsoever from just sticking something out there.

I decided once the shirts went live, I would wait for a week.  If I saw absolutely no activity whatsoever, then I would swop a couple of shirts.

SO, once those initial shirts went live, I decided I should do some ACTUAL work and look into what could be profitable keywords and designs that I could improve, or at least do a version of.

I decided I’d spend the first week doing that and upload some designs ready to make a switch if necessary.

At this stage, I was only allowed to have ten designs live, which obviously is not very much at all in the sea of thousands of other shirts.

So, here we go:  What were the results and what have I learnt for next month?

first month merch by amazon

Well, they’re not exactly the most impressive results… BUT I did have sales and that’s more than I can say with my first several months blogging.

In total, I made 3 sales and the profit was $7.97.

While I had possibly hoped for a little more here, I was still really pleased that I’d made any sales at all.  I didn’t make a sale for around three weeks and I definitely had moments where I thought I wouldn’t make any sales at all.

I did mix my designs around a fair amount and possibly I should have given some more of a chance.

The first design I sold was a bit of a shock…  it was in a highly competitive niche and I didn’t quite understand how it was even found, (I hadn’t found it myself using my keywords and was about to withdraw it!).

The second design I sold, (which I sold two of) I was less surprised about.  It was in a smaller niche that I was interested in and there was certainly less competition.   That said, I thought that certain other similar designs were superior to mine.

I guess it goes to show that you can still get sales in a competitive area though, but I think careful consideration of keywords is important and I had spent the month tweaking them.

That’s all for now…..  I will update with the July/August report soon!


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