Merch By Amazon, 20 Days In And Zero Sales!

20 days in zero sales

So, I’m 20 days in from when I initially set up my first 10 shirts.

However, I think only one of those original shirts remain.  I spent the next couple of weeks relentlessly changing them – tweaking keywords, learning more, changing designs again… and again…. and again….


I decided I was definitely going to leave them alone….  and then I changed them several more times.  🙂

So, now I’m at 10 designs and decided to LEAVE THESE BE for a while.  So, as it stands, I think I have left these exact designs alone for around 5 days.

I’m amazed that it was only 20 days ago that I first had ten shirts live, because it feels so much longer!

Here I am though, 20 days from having my first ten shirts live and I have ZERO sales.

I’m not all that surprised, because I was changing things so much in the beginning, I didn’t give any shirt a chance.  There are still one or two I definitely feel like switching, but I’m thinking I will now give the others a chance for a couple of weeks, before I consider switching more again.

I also had ONE design rejected…. I knew nothing on the actual design could be copyright, so thought it must be in the keywords.  So, I tried to adapt the keywords and submitted again.  It was rejected again and this time, I just didn’t want to risk it, so I decided to move on!

It’s certainly made me think more carefully now about what I’m saying in my bullet points.

I definitely had hoped I would have made a few sales in the first month, but I’m prepared that it may not happen.

I’m thinking about tackling some more unusual niches and thinking more about word based designs.  

All of my submitted design have some image or other and yet, so many purely text based designs do well.

I’m not sure if I mentioned before that I also hired a designer on Upwork.  I just got a couple of unique vector images created and I was really happy with them, I will definitely outsource more artwork.

So many people have said that getting your first 10 and 25 sales is the hardest part of Merch and if I was in the US, I think I would have just bought the first 10 shirts by now, or at least a few to get the ball rolling!

But being in the UK, it’s not as easy and I really wanted to get through it on my own and get all my own sales.

So, here is the waiting game!  I’m pleased I set up this blog and will be able to look back on these early days pre-sales.

I’ve targeted long tail keywords for every shirt and they are found on the first page for those keywords for the most, part – but there is at least one shirt where I know the competition is too high for the keywords I’ve targeted.

For some of the others, I’m not sure there is enough demand!    So, it’s all a learning curve and I will see how it goes.  I think once I make a few sales, more will become clear.  🙂

I’m thinking about signing up with Make Merch – which I’ve been playing with and makes creating certain designs so simple.  It’s $19.99 right now per month, but I believe it will go up in price soon.


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