Merch By Amazon: First 10 Tshirts Live!

merch by amazon 10 shirts live

Merch By Amazon: First 10 Tshirts Live!

So, I now have my first 10 tshirts up and approved by Amazon, they are now…..apparently live.

Now, I have to admit – I wanted to take action immediately with my designs and just get on to Amazon, because so often with ideas, I may have them and then I will have some doubt or other and it will stop me in my tracks and I will procrastinate.

I just had a strong drive to get started with this and didn’t want to waste any time.  As soon as I heard about Merch, I could see this was an opportunity that I should investigate, so I jumped on board without spending too much time researching keywords or anything of that nature.

What I actually did, was choose a niche that had worked a little for me in the past and checked out other tshirts that were currently selling and used the keywords that they had.

After the first few tshirts, I dipped into a couple of other niches.

I’m currently in the process of setting up Merch Informer, which is a paid membership tool that can help you with all your Merch Amazon research.

I will write a review on that once I’ve got to grips with it, but there is a bit of a learning curve there I think so, I will wait until I’ve spent some time on it.

Even though Merch started a year now, this still does feel like a relatively early time to jump on board.

The concerns I have at the moment as I’ve started are:

…the quality of my own designs.  I have not been using GIMP or Photoshop, but have so far been using CANVA and I’ve recently downloaded OVER to my phone

I already use CANVA on my other blogs, so this just seemed to make perfect sense for me, but there are some limitations.

I’ve also had a go at doing a little bit of drawing online with a chrome app called Sketchpad.

However, looking at some of the designs over at Amazon, did leave me feeling slightly out of my depth and wondering if hiring a designer could be next on the cards.

It’s just that since I do have some creative ability, I have often felt like I’ve wanted to give the design side of things a go.

However, as I’m aware there are plenty of people doing very well with TEXT based tshirts and so, I’d probably be wise to stick to this as well.

In a future post, I will run over the exact process I use to create an image via CANVA and then upload it to Amazon, (as you do need to resize the design first, as well as at least get a trial premium membership).

There also some rules you need to abide by when using CANVA and I will outline those also.

What Else?

I’ve dipped into Merch and been looking into various niches that popped into my head.  Something I’ve been paying attention to now, is the seller rank for each of these Tshirts.

By looking at the BSR, (Best seller rank) you can work out roughly how many Tshirts they are selling.

BSR #100,000 —->  They’ll be selling roughly one a day.

BSR #2000 —->  They’ll be selling around 25-50 a day.

BSR #400,000 —>  They’ll probably be selling around one, once or twice per week.

merch best seller rank

So, as you can see above – that Tshirt is ranked #28,028.  So, I guess they’ll be selling a few a day – pretty good!

Call me a geek, but I do enjoy checking out the best seller rank….

The Waiting Game Begins:

So, I say all my tshirts are live – actually the final few, (to make up my first 10) are still processing.

It’s now June 29th.  How long will it take for me to make my first sale?….  I’m not doing any Ads and I won’t be sharing on social media… I just want to see if I can make any sales this way initially.

After a week or so, I may switch some designs around and do some tweaking.

What About Other Tshirt Platforms?

Last night I was up until 2am listening to a webinar by Elaine Heney, of Merch Entrepreneur  – which was full of some useful advice and it looked like she has an interesting course on offer as well.

While it was temping to jump on board, I feel that I know enough at this stage to attempt to go it alone for now.  We’ll see how it goes.  That said, if I hadn’t just paid out for a family holiday, I may have gone for it. 🙂

In any case, one of her suggestions was to avoid putting all your eggs in the Amazon merch basket. A very wise suggestion!

So, I’m going to be looking into uploading my designs to other providers as well.  The difference with those is, you do need to drive traffic.

However, there are ways that you can do that via social media.  For example, you can create a Facebook page around your niche and attract an audience that way, then connect your Facebook page to your related shop.

I’ve used the same process before for niche sites and affiliate marketing, so it’s something I could certainly give a go.


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