Merch By Amazon: First Three Sales Made!

merch by amazon first three sales

FINALLY … not only did the weekend not pass by without a sale with March, but I got THREE sales in 24 hours.  Two of those were for the same shirt.  The sales were also not on the sales I necessarily expected.

So, it’s happened now, my first sales with Merch by Amazon and I’m pretty excited now at the prospect of potentially entering the 25 tier in the next couple of weeks, (fingers crossed I get some more sales coming up).

I had been playing around with pricing quite a lot.  As I know some people lowered their prices to get out of the 10 tier, I thought I would do that for a couple of shirts where they’re in a niche that seems to have lower priced shirts.

This is key here – I think you need to look within the niche you’re in and price accordingly.  You’re going to have a harder time trying to price all your shirts at $19.99 IF a majority of the shirts in that niche are priced at $14.99

The problem is, you really don’t get much profit if you’re going to be selling low – nevertheless, I gave it a go on a couple of shirts.

The same night that I lowered the price of one of my shirts to $12.99 – it sold two.  

Now, I only get just over a dollar per shirt at that price, so I definitely won’t be sticking with it but I’m OK to leave it as it is to help me get out of the initial tier.

update:  I just increased the price for $14.99 and will see how that goes for a while.  It’s still a low price, but would mean I get nearly $3 per shirt instead.

The shirt I sold two of was in a fairly narrow niche and consisted of quite a large image and text.  The tshirt had been appearing on the first page of the search results for the keyword I’d chosen.

The First Shirt I Sold Was Completely Different….

When it came to my first shirt sold – it was a surprise to me, because I’d nearly taken it off a few times.

This is because it’s the first niche I targeted and it was highly competitive.  The search results brings thousands of results – even for more obscure keywords and I couldn’t even find my shirt for the fairly competitive keyword I’d chosen.

The shirt wasn’t priced too low, ($17.99) because other shirts tended to fall between $15.99-$19.99 in that niche and I decided to go somewhere in the middle.

Again, there was a fairly large image and text.

However, since this shirt sold, I suddenly have found it for several different keywords on the first page.  Perhaps this is Amazon giving the shirt a bit of love since it sold.  I’m hoping I may get some more sales for this shirt.

I also decided I’d target this niche again, but a sub-niche within it this time.

Delving Into Sub-Niches….

I read a FB post on a Merch related FB group from someone who had been doing quite well and his advice was to go into any broad niche and just look at some of the shirts that are selling and write down all the keywords they’re targeting…

Then he said to keep a look out for sub-niches within those keywords and then go into those and research.  Generally, he’s had success by going after those sub-niches within broader ones.

I like this idea and it accounts for some of the shirts I have already done, so I think I’m going to adopt this strategy for my next set of shirts.

That’s about it for today – I will be updating soon with more sales and I’m pleased that I will have something at least to add to my first income report.

I want this blog to be totally transparent, so I will always be posting my monthly figures – however bad or good they end up being.

Any Other News?

The only other news really is that I also applied for another account for my husband – So, it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get that one.  In his case it was a very simple application and there was no website URL to add – I know some people had been asking if having a website made any difference at all.

Have a good week.

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