Merch By Amazon Income Report Month 2: July 31st/August 31st 2017.

merch by amazon month two income report

Merch Income Report 2 – July 31st/August 31st.

I’ve been slack with the income reports, so as I write this, it’s actually September 19th.

As such, I’m going to just make this a quick income report!

August felt incredibly slow.  As I was still in the first tier, I was desperate to get those sales and tier up – what with the busiest time of the year for sales just around the corner.

The first surprise was that I sold a T-shirt that I – yet again – REALLY wasn’t expecting to sell.

The less surprising thing, was that I sold three more of my “best seller,” shirts from month one.

merch income report month 2

In total I made 4 sales and that came to $7.51  – I put my prices right down in a desperate attempt to Tier up.  Even though it had only been two months, it somehow felt a lot longer.

Not long after hitting 7 sales though… something surprising happened, I tiered up!!!  I was expecting to wait until the ten sale mark before I tiered up to 25, so I was elated that it happened early.

So far during September, it’s been going pretty well.  Hopeful that I may even tier up again by the end of September, I hope that my next income report will look a bit more exciting.

I have the full 25 uploaded and I occasionally switched designs over, as well as continuously uploading designs into draft.

My plan was to have close to 100 designs ready to be uploaded, for when I reached the 100 tier.  While I don’t think I will quite get to 100, I will certainly have a decent amount to get busy uploading.

See you at the start of October for the next income report! 🙂


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