Merch By Amazon Income Report Month Three!

merch by amazon income report three

Merch By Amazon Income Report Month THREE!!!  (Sales from September 2017).

I haven’t done much at all this month with Merch.

I got my 25 designs up and aside from switching the prices around more times than is probably healthy, checking my Merch account like a maniac hoping for sales and switching over a few designs here and there —-> I’ve just been hoping to get those 25 sales and tier up to the 100 tier!!!

The month started well.  One morning I woke up and had six new sales over night!!  Even now, I’m not sure quite what happened there.

I thought maybe I’d hit the big time and a shirt had gone viral, (LOL).

But no, I didn’t get any sales for a while after.

Then, towards the end of the month, sales REALLY slowed down.  So, I took all my prices right down to practically the minimum.  There wasn’t suddenly a rush of sales though.  After a while, I put some of the prices back up a little.

So, I’m writing this now on October 3rd.  I really hoped I’d be up to the 100 tier now but I KNOW I don’t have very long to wait…  I only have 3 more sales to go until I have sold 25.

To say I’m excited would be a huge UNDERSTATEMENT!  As far as making money online goes, this must have been one of the smoothest processes to date.

Yes, it’s been a while and maybe some people would get fed up by now.  But I am used to things taking their time online.

With one of my main websites right now, it took me over SIX MONTHS to make a single sale on there, (via affiliate marketing).

After that, I wasn’t suddenly swimming in money either.  It’s been a slow and steady progress.  It teaches you a certain level of patience.  It can also teach you that good things take time and hard work pays off!

In any case, making money, (albeit a few dollars) in the first month – certainly gave me the motivation to keep going.

So, how much did I make in September?


merch september

In September I made 13 sales and in total made $39.07 in September.

Compared to just $7.51 in August, that’s a pretty decent leap.

Sure, I’m sure plenty of people have tonnes more sales in their third month…   on the other hand, some people have yet to make a single sale!

So, I’m happy for this progress so far.

What will 100 shirts mean profit wise?  Time will tell.

From what people say, I may only be able to upload 2 a day in the 100 tier.  Some were uploading 4, but it seems to have been reduced.

I Got A Five Star Review!

Another exciting thing this month was, that I got my first review.  Not only my first, but a 5 star review.

The reviewer said the design was AWESOME and that the shirt fitted great.

What more can I ask really?

It was a design I did very quickly myself.

Any Frustrations?

I’m feeling somewhat frustrated by my limitations as a “designer.”

Using the term “designer,” extremely loosely here!  (I am no designer!  Not yet anyway!).

I don’t have Photoshop…. I haven’t looked into GIMP…  I would like to learn something, but I don’t really know where to start.

It would be nice to have a bit more freedom, there’s so much I’d like to create and I just don’t have that knowledge to do so.

I almost did Art at university – but I had zero interest in graphic design, or any sort of design online at all.  So, it’s quite ironic that I should be doing this now.

I’m also entirely working from a chromebook, (I got this before I knew about Merch) and they certainly have their limitations.

So, that will be all for now.  I will add another income report at the start of November!!

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below!

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