Merch By Amazon Research – Some Search Results Insights!

merch by amazon research

Merch By Amazon Research – Don’t Always Believe What You Read!

There is a particular strategy often talked about with Merch, that seems to make reasonable sense.

That is, when you’re searching for a particular keyword, you plug it into Amazon and see how many search results come up.

If there are thousands of thousands, you may then go for a longer tail keyword.  Tweak it and a smaller amount of results come up… tweak more and the results are smaller still.

From this stage, you could use a tool such as unicorn smasher, to check out the BSR of the tshirts on the first page of the search results.  

Just remember that when it talks about monthly revenue on Unicorn Smasher – this is not profit.  So, your profit is going to depend on how much you price your designs.

In any case, the idea behind all this is that, the smaller the amount of competition, the more likely you are to rank.

While this could be true, a smaller amount of sales is also a likely result.  Of course, if you rank in a competitive niche on the front page, you’re going to be getting far more sales.

But there’s not much point in doing that, if you have no hope of ranking on the front page – right?

TRUE – but you could rank on the front page!  Hear me out…

With the limited amount of sales I’ve had so far, my biggest sellers have actually been in the competitive areas – but I managed to rank on the front page, for a keyword that brought up thousands of results.

I’ve concluded from this that you really shouldn’t be swayed away from a niche, or a particular keyword, just because it brings back thousands of results.

A recent keyword I targeted brought up 14,000 results.  Yet, two of my shirts are ranked both first and second there on the first page of the results.

So, how did that happen?

Well, firstly these shirts have sold plenty now and since that started happening, Amazon pushed them forward.

 Even though there are loads of copycats that I’ve noticed, they seem to be on pages 2, 3, 4 and up.  Whereas mine are on page 1 at the top.

But even when they hadn’t sold, they’d mainly been on the first page when I searched.

I believe the reason this is, is all down to keywords and keyword placement.  Just because the keyword I searched had thousands of results, none of the results on the first page actually had my exact keyword in the title, description, nor in the brand name.

I think there were a couple that had it in the title.

I found this really surprising.

Sometimes this tactic just doesn’t work though.  Sometimes I think I’ve placed all my keywords correctly, but higher selling shirts will still outrank ones that haven’t sold any, even if they don’t share your keywords.  

As long as Amazon has deemed the shirt relevant enough to be in those results and it’s making sales, they put it there.

The difference there seems to be in more competitive niches.  The higher the number of the results, the more difficult it may be to rank there. 

That being said, if I do not see the keyword I’m searching for in the top page of the search results, I will still give that a go if I feel it could work out.

I think if you have one shirt selling in that area, you should create several more in that niche too.  Then use the same brand name as your original best seller.

This means your shirts will be shown to those who are looking at other shirts included within that brand usually and you’ll have more eyeballs on those designs.

I’ve also seen some of these shirts go right into the front page for the keyword in addition to the best selling one…. I can’t be completely sure that the best selling shirt boosted them, but it looks that way.

Anyway, I thought it was just worth putting this out there!  It may help some people who are only going for the really narrow niches, with limited success.

I’m waiting to tier up right now to 100.  I have close to 30 sales.  The last 7 days sales wise looks like this below:

merch by amazon weekly results


I’m not sure what happened with Tuesday!  It will be interesting to see if any patterns emerge.

As I write this, it’s still Saturday – so, still a plenty possibilities for sales today.

People have said they’ve waited 1-3 weeks to tier up before.  I’m just hoping it happens sooner rather than later!

Also, all these sales are just from two shirts in the same niche.  I’ve had zero sales from the others recently!

Therefore, I thought I’d make some more in this niche and switch some shirts up.  I will see what happens.

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