How a fast-food chain is changing the face of the fast-casual restaurant business

By Mark Weisbrot-USA TODAY StaffA fast-sophisticated food service is reshaping the fast food industry and the fast meal is the latest casualty.With its sleek, high-tech menu, a highly personalized menu and an emphasis on customer service, Burger King is poised to overtake Burger King and McDonald’s as the second-largest fast- food company in the U.S.The fast-beef burger is a product […]

How to promote synonyms in your blog

Promote synonyms and words that are similar to each other.For example, if you want to promote a synonym for ‘gadget’, you could write something like: This is a synonymy between a gadget and a gadget.Promote your blog posts by adding synonyms to them and adding keywords to them.Promoting synonyms also helps your blog post get more views.In addition to synonyms, […]

How to add more Facebook friends to your Facebook profile

Facebook has updated its profile feature to show more friends in the future, including people who already have a Facebook profile.This is in line with recent changes to how the social network has updated user information in response to users’ behaviour, including a recent change to its privacy policy that allows users to post and share content anonymously.This has been […]