Which hospital can you visit?

In this article you’ll find out which hospitals are offering discounted rates for medical appointments and doctor appointments, and which are still offering the same prices as before. What are these discounts? Some hospitals are making some significant changes to their prices, while others are offering discounts of up to 25%. For example, one major hospital in Chicago is offering a discount of […]

When you’re a cash-strapped American and you have no internet, how do you get a $10 deal on TD Bank?

Posted November 06, 2018 05:07:18You’re a US bank customer, and you’ve got an account at TD Bank.But, you’ve never tried any of the bank’s promotional offers, or even bothered to check out their website.That’s because you’ve signed up for a cash rebate, but you’re only allowed to use it to make a one-time payment to TD Bank, instead of making […]