When you’re a cash-strapped American and you have no internet, how do you get a $10 deal on TD Bank?

Posted November 06, 2018 05:07:18You’re a US bank customer, and you’ve got an account at TD Bank.But, you’ve never tried any of the bank’s promotional offers, or even bothered to check out their website.That’s because you’ve signed up for a cash rebate, but you’re only allowed to use it to make a one-time payment to TD Bank, instead of making […]

The World’s Most Popular Business Promotions, by Business Promoters

Business promotion is the most effective way to build loyalty in your business.As a business, it is your primary source of revenue and income.However, it can be very difficult to understand how to effectively market your business to your customers.In this article, we’re going to explain how you can market your product to your potential customers and to their potential […]

Lowe’s promotes ‘I Can’t Stop’: Here’s how to get ‘I Love You’ trending

Lowe’s is the latest retailer to endorse a trending topic and has promoted it on its Instagram and Facebook pages.The ad, titled I Can’t Stopped, highlights the fact that the holiday season is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted possessions, including pets.The hashtag #ICanNOTStopped has been trending on Twitter, and the Lowe’s promotion includes a quote from former […]

What’s next for Dish Network?

Dish Network will open its new location in Las Vegas, NV, in late March, the company said Tuesday.The company will also begin offering a free internet-connected tablet that will let customers download video content on the go.The Las Vegas location will be the latest Dish location to debut a smartphone-based app that is the first in the network’s line of […]

How ‘Milwaukee tool’ promotions can boost sales and drive visitors

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee tool promotion tool, developed by the city’s department of transportation, is on its way to becoming a hot item on the Internet.A few weeks ago, Milwaukee County released a new website with a promotional video that highlighted the tool’s use by transit agencies.The video features the transit agency showing off the tool with a sign with […]