Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL!

epic merch by amazon fail


Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL!

I literally cannot believe my last post was in October 2017!   What on earth happened!?  Here we now are in JUNE 2018!

Well, I will share with you my results since I last wrote.  But first, I will explain what happened and why I haven’t written in so long.

I was doing really well.  I managed to reach my first big milestone, which was $100 per month.

But then, along came December and then there was the Merch BIG FREEZE.

Amazon decided to freeze all Merch accounts, because they couldn’t cope with the demand.  I wasn’t able to upload, but I wasn’t able to edit either.

On top of that, all the new designs I’d spent hours over were not selling.  The main shirts selling were my old shirts.

Eventually I sold one or two Christmas related shirts now and again, but nothing to get excited about!

My major sellers had all been Halloween and weirdly, my main Halloween success was still selling then as well.

By the time January came around, I was completely out of the loop with Merch.

I was back working on my other main blog and trying to build that, I had various other things to deal with and I just could not get myself back into it!

It wasn’t just a fact of organising myself, I just didn’t feel motivated to make the effort with Merch.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that my sales diminished to ZERO on some months.

My overall live T-shirts dwindled down to 30 by the the time I did start working on Merch again, (a few days ago!).  Because all my other shirts had been taken down, due to no sales.


Well, something like that.

I checked into Merch a month or so ago and something very quickly caught my eye.

I wasn’t sure how, or why this happened.  Because I had not made 100 sales….

My sales were still in the 80’s.   I’d also been completely inactive for months.  So, Why now?

But there is was.  I had been tiered up to the 500 tier and even more promisingly…  I was allowed to upload 50 DESIGNS PER DAY!!!

50 A DAY!?!?!

It’s just insane, how could anyone do it?

The whole thing was a little overwhelming and I just let it slide for a little while.  But I couldn’t ignore that little voice calling me back to Merch for long.

I knew this was an opportunity – and I needed to go for it.

So many people are desperate to reach the 500 tier and it had just been handed to me on a platter, after months of inactivity.

So, a few days ago I started creating designs again and have got back up from 30, to 72 live so far.

I have other commitments, so I can’t just 100% dedicate my time to Merch.  But I am now dedicating time EVERY day to it and consistently updating and uploading my designs.

Income Report Updates:

October 2017:  $100.03

November 2017:  $30.26

December 2017: $76.58

January 2018: $9.67

February 2018:  ZERO

March 2018: $2.36

April 2018: ZERO

May 2018: $2.36

So, as you can see….  It’s a sorry sight!

I went pretty quickly from my first $100-  to zero and it was disappointing.


I’ve now decided to dedicate a good amount of time to Merch again.

In addition, I have to work out how to get on Etsy – with their whole printful integration and I’m pretty excited about this opportunity.

Actually, I will create an Etsy integration post, when I get around to it.

I’ve been an affiliate with Etsy for some time via niche blog I have and I am familiar with the platform, so it just feels like a good place to start.

Despite all my recent uploads, none of them have sold YET… but with 500 slots to fill, I’m confident I will get some shirts to take off in the near future.

I will be back to writing, at the very least, monthly updates of my progress and letting you know how I get on.

My next income report update will be on July 1st.

I already know that many people have suffered from plummeting sales this year.   I know of some people making $3000+ a month, that are now making half that, or even less.

I feel like I’m on a bit of a mission this year now.

I have my main website, that also took a big blow income wise this year too and I’m battling like crazy to add content and increase my traffic.

Then there is my neglected little niche blog, that I have pretty much abandoned, but just started working on again and can see a lot of potential.

Despite not working on it for over a year and the traffic being very low, it still made me $50-$100 a month and, to me, that showed the site really has potential to bring me in money if I just put some work into it.

Because really, the content on there is minimal — but half my traffic there comes from Pinterest.

At the very least, I could boost the monthly income and then sell it and move on.

The better scenario is that I can build that blog into a $1000 a month income stream and it will only need a small amount of upkeep to maintain.

My main website is where I have put all my hard work though and I have to still dedicate a majority of my time to it, it’s also where I make the most money.

If the T-shirt design aspect was suddenly to take off, that could change.

To Design… Or Not To Design, That Is The Question!

I nearly took art at University…. but I know nothing about Graphic Design really.

I find it quite a struggle – because, I have ideas and I can’t create them.

So, I am strongly considering learning either Illustrator, or Photoshop.  I’m not quite sure which way to go, but I do feel that this is a step that I’m going to take this year.

If you have any recommendations in that respect… let me know in the comments!

Take care and I will write again soon! 🙂


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    1. Hi Joe – yep I completely meant to keep on track with it and totally didn’t. I need to update asap and try and fit it in, but my priority is growing my main website at the moment, so Amazon had to take a back seat. I went crazy uploading in June and then lost some interest because I just wasn’t getting the results I hoped for. In June I made $21.05! Better than zero, but I did go from something like 70-odd shirts, to 187. So, the return for the effort I put in, didn’t feel great. I know I should keep plodding on though. The sales I made were from one old shirt and two of the new ones.

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