Which company’s promo plan is the best?

A recent article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine offers a primer on how to get the best promotional value from a company’s promotion plan.Promoters of high-profile sporting events often pay a lot to advertise, and that can be a major source of profit for an advertiser.This article will offer some suggestions for getting the best out of your […]

The best hairstyles for a healthier, happier hair

It’s a common misconception that men are not capable of styling their hair, but that’s not always the case.Here are 10 hair-stylist-approved styles for men and women.1.Straight-Shoulder Hair Style It’s hard to find a straight-shoulder style for men, but it does have its benefits.Straight shoulders are one of the most common facial hair types and it’s considered a beautiful way […]

Verizon Fios promo is getting a few tweaks

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the changes Verizon is bringing to its Fios app for its latest promotion: Updated to include the availability of the Verizon Fio app in the US and Canada.Added a ‘New’ option to the ‘More’ section of the ‘Manage Your Promotions’ section.Updated the Promo section of Verizon Fius to include a new ‘More Promo’ […]

‘Dunkin Donuts’ Promo Video Shows Customer’s ‘Positive’ Quotes

By now, you’ve probably seen Dunkin Donut’s promotional video for its Dunkin’ Donuts promotion, and you probably have a few positive things to say about it.We caught up with the company to find out what you need to know about its latest ad campaign.What is Dunkin’?Dunkins is a company that is constantly evolving and constantly improving.Its mission is to deliver […]

Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup get $3 billion bonuses

Wells Fargo and Citigroup each got a record $3.5 billion in bonuses on Thursday, including $1.2 billion each from Wells Fargo.Wells Fargo will get $2.5 million in cash bonuses from its existing contract with the government.The bank’s CEO, John Stumpf, received a $2 million bonus for his work leading the company through the Great Recession.Citigroup will receive $2 billion from […]

How do you use Twitter for marketing?

By David R. ShaferSource Reuters|File photoA woman walks in the main entrance to the Los Angeles office of Twitter, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, U.S. March 12, 2021.REUTERS/Mike BlakeFile photoThe Twitter logo is seen on a screen at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California U.C.I.M., on March 14, 2021 in San Jose, California.REUTERS|File PhotoA woman holds a sign that […]

How to beat the adblockers

A recent article on this site described how a simple Google search could make a website look better than it is by blocking adblock ads.The article was published in a business magazine, and was accompanied by a link to a free Google AdBlocker utility, which you can download here.This article was written by a reader and is not an endorsement […]