How to save money on McDonalds promotions

How to find out which McDonalds promotion to buy and which to skip?That’s the question that is facing many of us who have been searching for a better deal on food, drink and other items online.McDonalds’ promotional offers vary widely depending on your location and preferences, but one of its main selling points is that they are more often than […]

How to get the best Army promotion list

The best Army promotions list can be tricky.Some of them are more challenging than others.Here’s how to get a solid army promotion and career advice from the experts.The Army’s official promotion list for the Army has not been released yet, but we have learned some interesting details about what it includes.The official list of promotion offers can be found on […]

What’s up with the Amazon promotions?

It’s not the first time the retail giant has been caught up in a legal battle over its controversial social media strategy.The video game giant has also been battling allegations that it is being forced to hand over user data to authorities and that it has been failing to properly safeguard the personal information of millions of users.It has already […]

How the ‘uber’ promotions have changed the world

On January 31, a massive new promotion was rolled out to the “uber” and “couchpotato” communities on the internet.It kicked off a massive surge in traffic and traffic on the “coupon” and the “super” categories of the site.And now, on February 3rd, that surge will hit “uber,” “super,” and “diamond” in the same way that the “cheap” promotions have hit […]

How to spot a great Spotify spotify promo

Spotify has long been touted as a platform for creators to sell music, but that has largely been the domain of niche companies and startups.Now, the platform is beginning to catch up with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.Spotify is also starting to compete with other streaming services like Pandora, which is starting to offer more premium features.In […]