Top 10 Premier League players’ most lucrative deals: Top 10

Top 10 players’ biggest commercial deals in English football can be found on their contracts, with a number of top-class performers earning a combined £3.9bn between them, according to data compiled by the Telegraph.The figures include a record number of deals in the summer transfer window, with Chelsea’s Diego Costa earning £25m from Real Madrid and Liverpool’s Luis Suarez earning […]

What do you do when you’ve got a lot of business promotional items in your store but you need to decide which ones to sell? Editor’s Picks The best of NFL Week 6: Panthers lose to Steelers, Ravens win over Bengals, Cowboys win over Browns

A good friend of mine, Dan McBride, was working in a shoe store when he saw an ad for a new sneaker.“They were talking about the Nike Zoom and they said, ‘If you’re gonna sell sneakers, don’t make them so big,’” McBride says.“I was like, ‘Why are you making them big?They’re only going to wear out.’It was a dumb decision.But […]

When Dunkin Donuts finally gets to you…

In honor of Starz’s upcoming fall season premiere of SIRIUS, The Sport BiblioBlog is sharing an exclusive look back at some of the stars featured on the show’s premiere episode. Here are five things we learned from the episode that you may not have known.1. Shaquille O’Neal is back in the news: In the first of three episodes featuring O’Neil and his nephews, […]

Trump calls for ‘tough love’ on immigration policy, but the White House is looking for compromise

President Donald Trump said Monday he is looking to make immigration “tough” and that he would not be happy if it were “done poorly.”Trump made the remarks at a press conference with his family, who were watching from the sidelines as he addressed reporters.Trump said he would consider an increase in legal immigration, saying “there’s no way to do it […]