The world’s largest penis has finally arrived in Europe

A penis is one of the world’s most popular products.Now, it’s in Europe.This week, a penis manufacturer is opening up its European factory to the public.The penis maker is called Vibrant Inc. and its products range from the vibrator that makes you feel good, to the penis enhancer that makes sex more pleasurable.Vibrants are available in various sizes and are […]

Why Milwaukee should use the new Milwaukee tool promotions

Milwaukee’s new tool promotions feature an option for customers to earn free tools and discounts on other products and services.They include a cash rebate for the purchase of any tool or service, a free tool or product in any combination, and free shipping for all orders over $50.The Milwaukee Tool Company, the company that owns and operates the Milwaukee Tool […]

How fast food promotion works

New Scientist article The latest study shows that people who watch a lot of fast food ads on TV have a much higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.Fast food promotion is used in the US to promote healthier foods and make people feel good about themselves.But there is no evidence that people watching fast food commercials have higher levels […]