Top 30 most viewed stories on ABC News site January 26, 2018 16:39:48ABC – The top 30 most-viewed stories on on January 26, 1894, were all the same story, with the same headline, “Pumpkin and corn on the ground.”In the years since, the news has changed, but this story remains the same. For example, the top story of January 20, 2097 was: “Pumpkins on the Ground”.The next […]

How to Get a Job In McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers several types of jobs in its fast food restaurants.But what jobs do they offer?The Lad offers some tips on how to find one.1.You’ll need a degreeIf you’re interested in McDonald’s job prospects, here’s what you need to know.The Lad’s “Job Search Tool” tells you the job openings in your industry, where you can work and the types of […]

How to use the Taco Bell promotions code

FourFourSeconds ago we had an opportunity to visit Taco Bell and try out the new promotions code for a special promotion for our travel rewards card. It is worth noting that there are a number of different promotions codes that are available and if you’re looking for a particular code you can check out our guide to the codes available. The first […]

Wendy’s promotes Wendy’s promotions with new ‘Wendy The Baker’ campaign

Wendy’s has teamed up with a slew of celebrities to promote the chain’s new “Wendys Baker” campaign, which features the likes of Ashton Kutcher, John Stamos, J.K. Simmons, Miley Cyrus, and many more.The promotion, which launched today and runs through Dec. 9, features images of the Wendy’s “Wendi’s Baker” doll with her hair up and the hashtag #wendysbaker, which translates […]

How to Win Sam’s Club Promotion with Sam’s Academy

Sam’s academy is looking to make a splash with its newest promotion, the Sam’s club competition.The promotion is a promotion that will offer students the opportunity to compete for prizes in the 2018 Sam’s Junior World Championship, which will be held in March 2019.The Sam’s Youth League is a competition for high school students to compete in various sports, and […]

When does your bank promote its bank account promotion?

Posted December 08, 2019 08:48:48It seems like the bank is pushing the envelope with their bank promotion jobs posts, and they are starting to really get people excited about bank promotions.According to research company eMarketer, banks are seeing more than 50% of their posts on social media promoting bank promotions this year, with some companies including Barclays, Nationwide and Santander […]

New subway promotions coming to Uber and Lyft by 2021

Uber and its ride-hailing rival Lyft announced a new partnership Thursday that will boost the ride-sharing services’ presence in Manhattan and Queens.The partnership is the latest of several partnerships that Uber has struck with transportation companies in recent years.Uber has also partnered with Metro-North, the regional rail transit company that runs the Blue, Green and Purple lines, to launch its […]