How to play Lyft promotion code

Lyft promotion codes are now available for use in the Lyft app on Mac and Windows PCs.Lyft says you can use these promotion codes for free up until the end of September.The promotion codes work in three ways.You can sign up for a ride in your area with the Lyft App, and then sign up again after the promotion ends.You […]

How ‘Girls’ became the next reality TV hit: MTV

MTV has long been a favorite for talent, and in the years since the network’s inception in 1997, it’s been a hit for the network.In fact, the network has been awarded multiple “Best of Show” awards for its talent.But it’s not just talent that makes MTV great.The network also includes music videos, commercials and the “The Voice” singing competition.With this […]

Fitness promotions in India: Boohoo promotions code to be followed

Fitness promotions have been added in India to the Boohoos promotional pricing.The Boohos is an online fitness platform that is similar to Amazon Prime and offers a variety of fitness and wellness products.Boohoot is also a new fitness and nutrition product, with fitness and weight loss supplements in the category.Boohoo Fitness is priced at Rs 10,000 per month, and offers […]

When is free music promotion legal in Canada?

When is the free music promotions legal?A federal judge in Victoria ruled that a free music program that lets users download music and play it on their computer is protected under copyright law, though it’s unclear if the program would be allowed in Canada.It was a landmark decision in Canada, and the ruling has prompted the industry to push for […]

How to Get a Free iPad Air 2 in Canada, New Zealand, and the US: Best Buy

Buyers in Canada and New Zealand can get a free iPad Air2 in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway’s capital city, Reykjavik, Iceland, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and London in a single day.The promotion is available for anyone who’s already signed up for a $10 rebate on their next iPad […]

How to spot the new P&Ls

People who love P&amps and their loyal fans can get their hands on some new deals.But there are some restrictions.1.You can only buy merchandise that’s on the shelves at a retailer, and not a store.2.You have to pay $75 a pop for your first item.3.You need to sign a contract with P&AMP before you can use it.4.You must buy it […]