How the ‘uber’ promotions have changed the world

On January 31, a massive new promotion was rolled out to the “uber” and “couchpotato” communities on the internet.It kicked off a massive surge in traffic and traffic on the “coupon” and the “super” categories of the site.And now, on February 3rd, that surge will hit “uber,” “super,” and “diamond” in the same way that the “cheap” promotions have hit […]

How to make a $20,000 mobile advert for a family in WA

A family in Western Australia could be earning more than $20 million a year if they were to launch a mobile advert that included their name and contact details.The Australian Financial Report found that people with family members who live in the area can earn up to $60,000 a year from a mobile ad that includes their name, phone number […]

‘Arby’s Pizza for Life’ in India opens for business

Arby’s is opening its first shop in India in the wake of a successful nationwide promotion, with the popular chain’s brand ambassador in the country.The first of the chain’s 500 outlets in the national capital, New Delhi, is scheduled to open on Monday.The shop will be owned by the brand ambassador, who will work closely with the store’s owners and […]

How to boost your YouTube channel with Army promotion list

Military promotion lists on the Army’s YouTube channel are now available to all eligible troops.The Army promoted a list of videos from the Army War College that can be viewed in the sidebar of its YouTube channel on Tuesday.Those videos are part of the “Army’s online Army recruiting platform.”According to the Army, those videos are available for viewing in the […]

How to get your kfc promotion code on Netflix

Get your promotion code for Netflix, Hulu, or’re all valid until April 29, 2020.The codes are good for one-time promotional offers, such as Netflix deals and Netflix specials.You can use them on the website, in the app, or through the app on your phone.These codes are valid only for promotional offers.They don’t expire.

How to spot a great Spotify spotify promo

Spotify has long been touted as a platform for creators to sell music, but that has largely been the domain of niche companies and startups.Now, the platform is beginning to catch up with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.Spotify is also starting to compete with other streaming services like Pandora, which is starting to offer more premium features.In […]