How to play Lyft promotion code

Lyft promotion codes are now available for use in the Lyft app on Mac and Windows PCs.Lyft says you can use these promotion codes for free up until the end of September.The promotion codes work in three ways.You can sign up for a ride in your area with the Lyft App, and then sign up again after the promotion ends.You […]

How ‘Girls’ became the next reality TV hit: MTV

MTV has long been a favorite for talent, and in the years since the network’s inception in 1997, it’s been a hit for the network.In fact, the network has been awarded multiple “Best of Show” awards for its talent.But it’s not just talent that makes MTV great.The network also includes music videos, commercials and the “The Voice” singing competition.With this […]

When you’re a cash-strapped American and you have no internet, how do you get a $10 deal on TD Bank?

Posted November 06, 2018 05:07:18You’re a US bank customer, and you’ve got an account at TD Bank.But, you’ve never tried any of the bank’s promotional offers, or even bothered to check out their website.That’s because you’ve signed up for a cash rebate, but you’re only allowed to use it to make a one-time payment to TD Bank, instead of making […]

What do you do when you’ve got a lot of business promotional items in your store but you need to decide which ones to sell? Editor’s Picks The best of NFL Week 6: Panthers lose to Steelers, Ravens win over Bengals, Cowboys win over Browns

A good friend of mine, Dan McBride, was working in a shoe store when he saw an ad for a new sneaker.“They were talking about the Nike Zoom and they said, ‘If you’re gonna sell sneakers, don’t make them so big,’” McBride says.“I was like, ‘Why are you making them big?They’re only going to wear out.’It was a dumb decision.But […]