How to save money on McDonalds promotions

How to find out which McDonalds promotion to buy and which to skip?That’s the question that is facing many of us who have been searching for a better deal on food, drink and other items online.McDonalds’ promotional offers vary widely depending on your location and preferences, but one of its main selling points is that they are more often than […]

How to get the best Army promotion list

The best Army promotions list can be tricky.Some of them are more challenging than others.Here’s how to get a solid army promotion and career advice from the experts.The Army’s official promotion list for the Army has not been released yet, but we have learned some interesting details about what it includes.The official list of promotion offers can be found on […]

What’s up with the Amazon promotions?

It’s not the first time the retail giant has been caught up in a legal battle over its controversial social media strategy.The video game giant has also been battling allegations that it is being forced to hand over user data to authorities and that it has been failing to properly safeguard the personal information of millions of users.It has already […]

How to get your phone number and your profile image added to Disney’s Facebook page in Spain

Facebook and Twitter are set to begin a joint marketing campaign to encourage Spanish-speaking families to visit Disney’s resorts.The new campaign will launch on October 11 with the launch of a campaign that uses Facebook and Instagram.This is the first time Facebook and social media have worked together.The campaign, called Disney Plus, is aimed at families who have purchased a […]

Google India: ‘We will take action’ on Bollywood stars and their content in search

News in Hindi for Google India (India), the official search engine, said that “Bollywood stars” in the Indian market are “a threat to Google’s ecosystem and our users”.Google India also said that the Bollywood industry is not only a problem for Google but “may also pose a threat to the Google ecosystem and users”.“Our teams will work with our partners […]

New subway promotions coming to Uber and Lyft by 2021

Uber and its ride-hailing rival Lyft announced a new partnership Thursday that will boost the ride-sharing services’ presence in Manhattan and Queens.The partnership is the latest of several partnerships that Uber has struck with transportation companies in recent years.Uber has also partnered with Metro-North, the regional rail transit company that runs the Blue, Green and Purple lines, to launch its […]