Merch By Amazon Resources.

This page may contain affiliate links.  That means, if you purchase anything directly via a link on this page, I may make small commission – at zero extra cost to you.  🙂

Here is a list of resources I’m using right now, I’m sure this list will grow and grow over time!

Feel free to suggest any tools that you’re using and I will check them out and add them to the list.

Tools I Use For Merch:

  • Merch Informer – a great tool for researching your niches and assessing your competition.
  • Merch Research – A free tool where you can search for quotes and keywords, the results then open in a new window. 
  • Jaaxy – A keyword tool that I’ve used over the last couple of years. You can get 30 free searches.
  • MerchTools – Google Chrome extension, with some short cuts into Merch – PLUS, it updates you whenever you get a sale!
  • Unicorn Smasher – A tool that easily allows you to find out the BSR for products on Amazon.  Just remember that when it tells you the predicted monthly revenue – that’s not the profit for designer.
  • Vectr.comStarted to learn to use this via the chrome extension app.  It’s a useful tool if you’d like to create your own Vectr images.
  • – Various icons that you can purchase/download.
  • – Another site for finding vector icons.
  • CANVA – to create designs.
  • OVER – to create designs on my phone.
  • Upwork – Where I will outsource designs.
  • Resize – Where I resize images, as they aren’t the correct size in CANVA.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing:

  • Wealthy Affiliate where I learnt all about blogging/affiliate marketing and where I host most of my websites.  They also have a free 10-part starter course, that’s worth checking out.
  • Namecheap:  Domain Registrar:  Wealthy Affiliate also now sell domain names, but otherwise I go with Namecheap.

Copyright Checker For Merch:

Worth your time checking these out before you submit designs: