What I Learned in a 3-Day Break from Trump and Putin

The President of the United States is a total clown.I mean, he’s not even a real clown.He’s just a real jerk.And it’s really easy to understand why.He just does things in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.And this is what’s happening in the West right now.And what’s going on in the United Kingdom right now, you know, it’s like […]

How the ‘uber’ promotions have changed the world

On January 31, a massive new promotion was rolled out to the “uber” and “couchpotato” communities on the internet.It kicked off a massive surge in traffic and traffic on the “coupon” and the “super” categories of the site.And now, on February 3rd, that surge will hit “uber,” “super,” and “diamond” in the same way that the “cheap” promotions have hit […]