What’s up with the Amazon promotions?

It’s not the first time the retail giant has been caught up in a legal battle over its controversial social media strategy.The video game giant has also been battling allegations that it is being forced to hand over user data to authorities and that it has been failing to properly safeguard the personal information of millions of users.It has already […]

‘Arby’s Pizza for Life’ in India opens for business

Arby’s is opening its first shop in India in the wake of a successful nationwide promotion, with the popular chain’s brand ambassador in the country.The first of the chain’s 500 outlets in the national capital, New Delhi, is scheduled to open on Monday.The shop will be owned by the brand ambassador, who will work closely with the store’s owners and […]

Indian company gets Rs 3,000 crore from ARBY’s promotion

The Indian Food and Beverage Corporation (IFBC) has raised a whopping Rs 3.7 lakh crore through its advertisement programme, according to a statement by the company.The IFBC said it was the largest sum of its kind to be raised by an advertisement program in the country’s history.The company also said the sum would be shared between the IFBC, the Indian […]